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Educating Albert
Have you ever wondered what it is like to work in a school overseas?  How about riots in the streets, cobras at the dinner table and difficult teachers in the classroom?  These are just a few of the challenges faced by Al Chudler on assignment as an overseas school administrator.  Follow Al as he takes you on his journey from Detroit to Los Angeles, Malaysia, Japan, India, Italy, Sri Lanka, Romania and Chile.  Written by Albert A. Chudler, as told to Eric H. Chudler (171 pages).

$12.50 each [within the United States] (includes postage; in stock)

$16.50 each [outside the United States] (includes postage; in stock)

Cooking Students
The book is ready and selling like hotcakes!  Cooking Students (73 pages) contains recipes for anyone interested in fast, easy, inexpensive, healthy (good for your brain) and delicious meals. Perfect for the student who is going off to college.  Written by Eric H. Chudler.

$8.50 each (out of stock)