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Vials for Neurotransmission Game
neurotransmitters and the brain
Plastic vials to play the Message Transmission Game.

Instructions included. You just fill with water.

$5.99 for 30 vials.

Beady Neuron Kit
neuron and brain
Build your own neuron.

Instructions, beads and wire are all included.

$8.99 per kit.

Beady Neuron Keychain
Don't have time to build your own Beady Neuron?  Then why not get one ready-made!  Complete Beady Neuron with metal key ring.
$9.99 each


Cat Brain - Plaster Model


Anatomically correct model of a cat brain.

$3.99 each

Brain Pin
Get your BRAIN PIN!  For your hat, shirt, jacket or backpack...don't leave home without it.

$3.99 each